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Varsity Tournament

Varsity Tournament - April 15th - April 25th

Download Rules (click here)

Download bracket and teams click here

Date  Field Time Teams
wed Red 6:00 PM Columbus Ohio Asphalt vs Rev Local
    Results COA 11 Rev Local 7
wed White 6:00 PM Wigal vs Newak Op
    Results Newark op 20 Wigal 1
wed Blue 6:00 PM DorMar vs Tigers LH
    Results Tigers  LH 8 DorMar 1
Thurs Red 6:00 PM Urban Restoration vs Pataskala Bank
    Results Pataskala Bank 4 Urban 3
Thurs White 6:00 PM Albery Construction vs Creno's 
    Results Albery 16 Creno 6
Thurs Blue 6:00 PM Dan's Pizza vs Cruikshank Plumbing
    Results Dans Pizza 17 Cruikshank 0
Fri Red 6:00 PM Robey's vs Orioles LH
Fri White 6:00 PM Reds LH vs Sunburst Pools
Fri Blue 6:00 PM PNB North Newark vs PNB SWL
Sat Red 12:00 PM Rev Local vs Cruikshank Plumbing
Sat White 12:00 PM Wigal vs Robey's 
Sat Blue 12:00 PM Newark Op vs Creno's 
Sat Red 2:30PM DorMar vs Reds LH
Sat White 2:30PM Tigers LH vs Sunburst Pools
Sat Blue 2:30PM Urban Restoration vs PNB SWL
Sat Red 5:00PM Pataskala Bank vs PNB North Newark
Sat White 5:00PM Albery Construction vs Orioles LH
Sat Blue 5:00PM Dan's Pizza vs Columbus Ohio Asphalt


Round Robin Bracket        
  GAME 1   GAME 2  
Columbus Ohio Asphalt  Lakewood        
  R/S- R/A- R/S- R/A-
Rev Local Granville        
  R/S- R/A- R/S- R/A-
Wigal Lakewood        
  R/S- R/A- R/S- R/A-
Newark Op North Newark        
  R/S- R/A- R/S- R/A-
DorMar Lakewood        
  R/S- R/A- R/S- R/A-
Tigers Licking Heights        
  R/S- R/A- R/S- R/A-
Urban Restoration Granville        
  R/S- R/A- R/S- R/A-
Pataskala Bank Southwest Licking        
  R/S- R/A- R/S- R/A-
Albery Construction Granville        
  R/S- R/A- R/S- R/A-
Creno's Southwest Licking        
  R/S- R/A- R/S- R/A-
Dan's Pizza North Newark        
  R/S- R/A- R/S- R/A-
Cruikshank Plumbing Southwest Licking        
  R/S- R/A- R/S- R/A-
Robey's Southwest Licking        
  R/S- R/A- R/S- R/A-
Reds Licking Hieghts        
  R/S- R/A- R/S- R/A-
Sunburst Pools Southwest Licking        
  R/S- R/A- R/S- R/A-
Pnb North Newark        
  R/S- R/A- R/S- R/A-
Pnb Southwest Licking        
  R/S- R/A- R/S- R/A-
Orioles Licking Hieghts        
  R/S- R/A- R/S- R/A-

by posted 04/11/2015
2015 Practice Schedule

2015 Practice Schedule

Download it now  (click Here)

PDF Version (Click Here)

T= T-Ball Columbus Ohio Asphalt(V): Rick Grosse 740-404-2266
M= Minors Wigal (V): Sean Bordenkircher 740-610-6243
F= Farm DorMar(V): Chris Pound 740-507-7907
V= Varsity    
  PNB(F): Scott Sprankle 740-739-0522
  Roosters(F): Rob Tichenor 740-644-8683
  Subway(F): Chris MacDonald 740-281-7209
  Donatos(F): Rory King 740-919-9372
  Crawford(M): Jeremy Hodges 614-623-1823
  Pizza Cottage(M): Tracy Spurrier 614-579-7787
  KFC(M): Chris Pound 740-507-7907
  PNB(M) Justin Glaser 740-670-2246
  Ratcliff/Midkiff(M): David Altman 740-405-0663
  A1 Auto(T): Greg Gardner 740-503-8076
  Clay's Cafť(M): Preston Laymon 740-975-9588
  Ratcliff/Midkiff(M):Chad Sellers 614-206-9504
  Dick's(T): Cody Debevoise 740-973-5671
  Ford Electric(M): Andrew Ford 740-641-9997
  Meyer's Family Dental(M): Rory King 740-919-9372
  Ohio Tire(M): Stephen Slocum 740-739-1611
  PNB(M): Jarrod Rock 740-616-0828
  Snider's Towing(M): Gary Stratford 740-814-2554

by posted 04/07/2015
Lakewood night ant Clippers

Friday June 26 vs Durham 7:15 pm

7 adults 4 youthh and seniors

Download Flyer click here to purchase tickets

by posted 04/01/2015
Clean Up Day Announced

Thanks to everyone who showed on Saturday. What a great turn out and we really appreciate it.

This is what we completed

Safety nets hung back up.

Picnic tables stained

Concession stand cleaned and painted

Painting - Bring extra brushes and rollers if you have them. 

Painting the outside of the concession stand.

Painting the bathrooms and applying floor sealant to the floors.

Painting all of the sheds.

Hanging sponsor signs

Trash pick up.

Sheds cleaned out

Dug outs cleaned out

new trash cans in all dugout and bathrooms






by posted 03/26/2015
2015 Sponsorship

The Lakewood Youth Baseball Association, a non-profit organization, has been a

successful program for many years in making a difference in the lives of area children. 

The program offers the following important qualities:

            *We allow all area children to participate.

            * We encourage sportsmanship, responsibility and most of all fun.

            * We teach the fundamentals of baseball.


Each year we ask local area businesses to support the association, so that we may

continue this program.  Your support helps in the following ways:

            *Continuous upgrades to the fields and facilities. 

*Allows us to keep fees down so that each child may be able to participate.

            *Purchase of uniforms and equipment.


We, the Board of Directors of LYBA, are asking that you would consider financially

supporting our program this year as we gear up for our Spring 2015 season. 

We appreciate your past support and hope for your continued support of this wonderful program. 

Download Sponsorship form click here

Download Sponsorship Letter Click here

Email us with questions

by posted 01/25/2015
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